The Association of Idaho-Based Internet Service Providers

Idaho's independent ISPs: Empowering local communities


The Association of Idaho-Based Internet Service Providers is dedicated to fostering a connected, thriving, and equitable future for Idaho's communities by leading the way in innovative, fair, and collaborative practices within the internet service industry. Actively involving and engaging our communities, we strive to promote equitable access to high-quality internet for all Idahoans.



Through our collaborative efforts, we can provide internet access for all. We can and will ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in the digital economy and fully realize their potential.


Our Values:

Providing Leadership and Solutions: We know that providing internet access for all Idaho residents, businesses, and anchor institutions is crucial in today's digital age. We are part of the solution! While others look for leadership and direction, we provide a path forward.


Placing People First: By focusing on people, we create a positive impact that extends beyond the here and now. Our contributions create a more connected, prosperous, and equitable Idaho for all. We believe that putting people first, above all else, is key to being a successful locally owned and operated Internet Service Provider in Idaho.


Supporting and Involving Communities: We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers and the communities we serve. By prioritizing the needs of our communities and providing reliable, high-quality internet services at fair prices, we build trust and loyalty while contributing to our communities' overall well-being and growth.

Stakeholder Commitment:

We, the members of The Association of Idaho Internet Service Providers (AIISP), are committed to collaborating on common issues to promote and advance internet service quality, availability, and equity in our communities. Our initiative is to foster a competitive, innovative, and sustainable marketplace that serves the needs of all Idahoans.


As stakeholders in the Idaho internet industry, we pledge to:


Support and assist the Idaho Broadband Advisory Board and the Department of Commerce Broadband Office and their Mission, Vision, and Values.


Support policies and initiatives that promote fair, open competition, and encourage investment in broadband infrastructure and services.


Work together to identify and address common issues, such as regulatory challenges, technological developments, and market changes impacting our industry, communities, and customers.


Strive to provide high-quality, affordable internet services to all Idahoans, regardless of location or income.


Foster a culture of transparency, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing among our members to promote learning and innovation in our industry and faster ubiquitous broadband deployment for all Idahoans.


We believe respectful, healthy competition among Idaho internet service providers can and should exist. We value collaboration and desire to support common goals, resulting in a thriving local industry that benefits both business and society.


By committing to these principles, we can build a stronger, more vibrant internet industry in Idaho, and better serve the needs of our customers and communities.


Areas of Common Interest:

Neutrality, Interoperability, Scalability, Reliability, Cost-effectiveness, Open standards, Fair Competition, Innovation, Community Involvement, Local Job Creation, Education and Training, Shaping Public Policy, and Participation in Public Comments.